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The European Comission has created this Science Hub to publish every information in regards with research topics.

The first CLARITY Newsletter has just been published. In this issue is included a short presentation of which was launched recently. The newsletter also includes relevant information of events where CLARITY has been promoted.

ACCIONA and CEDEX participate in the CLARITY Project related to infrastructures and Climate Change.

The press release has been published in the Spanish PTEC website

Before close 2017, the CLARITY team met in Naples in order to plan the next steps in the project. This time the meeting took place at the PLINIVS Study Centre premises.

In September took place the second consortium meeting, this time the CLARITY team met in ATOS headquarters, in Madrid

Brussels (Belgium)
Lisbon (Portugal)
Katowice (Poland)
Madrid, Spain
Córdoba (Spain)
Norrköping (Sweden)
Belgrade, Serbia