Tuesday, May 28, 2019
Lisbon (Portugal)

The biennial European Climate Change Adaptation conference "ECCA" was convened by EU-funded projects on behalf of the European Commission. It is been one of the largest conferences on climate change. Researchers, technicians, decision-makers, companies and non-governmental organizations, national, regional and local authorities and agencies with responsibility for the implementation of climate change adaptation plans and measures will participate. For the municipality, this was "an excellent opportunity to discuss the projected scenarios for southern Europe, including those related to cities". 

The conference was organized by three European projects under the "Horizon 2020" program - Placard, Bingo, Resccue - coordinated respectively by the Faculty of Sciences ID, Association for the Research and Development of Sciences; by the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering; and by Aquatec (Spain), in cooperation with the Lisbon City Hall and the Ministry of Environment and Energy Transition.

The ceremony, which expects to receive about a thousand participants, was also attended by the Councillor for the Environment, Green Structure, Climate and Energy of the Lisbon City Council, José Sá Fernandes, the Secretary of State for the Environment, Carlos Martins, the representative of the European Commission in the context of Horizon 2020 projects, Diogo de Gusmão-Sørensen, and representatives of the three organizing projects.


100 days in advance, planting 100 trees!


The countdown to ECCA 2019 in Lisbon begins with the planting of one tree a day in the metropolitan area. ECCA plants in total 100 young trees in one of the newest growing urban parks "Parque Urbano do Vale de Montanha" in the capital of Portugal. "The ceremony is particularly symbolic because it brings together representatives of the different entities involved in increasing green infrastructure and trees in the city, one of the most effective tools in the service of climate adaptation", was said in statement by the city council. 

With this campaign of planting native trees of Portuguese flora in the central region of Portugal, ECCA 2019 promotes the mitigation of CO2 emissions associated with the event.