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MeteoGRID (commercial name of FARISA ASESORES Y CONSULTORES S.L.) is a Spanish private company, providing high quality services and products in the fields of applied meteorology, weather forecasting Early Warning Systems (EWS) and risk management since 2004.

MeteoGRID range of services cover several domains, such as natural disasters, extreme weather, civil protection emergencies, hydrology, agriculture, energy, transportation and civil engineering among others, for which accurate weather forecast is required and used in added value products, such as EWS. MeteoGRID technical team has been developing and improving Weather Forecasting Systems (WFS) since 1996, with of an interdisciplinary team composed of highly qualified experts in meteorology, natural hazards and computing. MeteoGRID activity is divided into three main groups of projects, namely: a) Consultancy projects and studies. b) Weather forecasting and information systems development projects. C) Research and development projects. MeteoGRID consultancy services include studies on meteorology, hydro-meteorological and natural hazards risk assessment, renewable energy resources assessment and forecast, high-accuracy agriculture weather services, and general-purpose geographical distribution of meteorological and climate variables for other applications.

MeteoGRID provides high added value weather services, based on the developed WFS, that produces operational forecasts specially adapted for technical users. Most of the technical activities affected by weather are managed in Spain using these Systems, including natural disasters (a lot of expertise in forests fires), power management (production, distribution, consumption forecasting), hydrology, civil protection emergencies, agriculture, traffic, etc.

Finally, MeteoGRIDs team has a large experience in R+D activities, in national and international projects, and its commercial activity is highly based on research results transfer into products and services.

Key personnel

Luis Torres Michelena (male)

He graduated (Master of Science) in Physics and in Theoretical and Applied Meteorology. He has developed his professional career in Telefónica Group where he held the position of Manager of Information Systems at Telefonica S.A., having come to act as Director of Organization and Information Systems for the Italian company Acea-Telefonica Spa. He has extensive experience in management and development of computer control systems as well as management teams and customer relation.


David Caballero Valero (male)

Holds a degree in forestry engineering and a PHD from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. David is one of the most renowned experts in our country in climate hazard, with almost 28 years of experience. He has participated in numerous projects, European and national, on climate hazard, having performed in some of them the role of general coordinator or responsible researcher.


Jaime Ribalaygua Batalla (male)

Jaime Ribalaygua holds a PhD in Forest Engineering, whose PhD dissertation was: “Development of a statisitcal method for generating high-resolution climate scenarios, from low-resolution simulations of General Circulation Models: application to Spain”. Holding a master in Theoretical and Applied Meteorology Master and another one in Evaluation and Correction of Environmental Impacts Master. With an extensive professional background in the meteorology area, both in weather forecasting and in climate research.


Alberto Valverde (male)

He is is software developer engineer in early warning systems. He is a software development engineer in early warning systems. It has developed the following early warning systems: SIGyM and SIMIF.


Emilio de Diego (male)

He holds a degree in Geography and also completed her studies with a Master’s degree in Geographic Information Technology. Since 2012 is part of the staff of Meteogrid. Emilio has focused the development of his career in the use of GIS and professional mapping. Since 2006 he has collaborated on projects, nationally and internationally, as technical of GIS and remote sensing.


Iñaki Torres Cobián (male)

He is a Forest Engineer and Master’s degree in Geographic Information Technology. His areas of specialisation are: technologies of geographic information, natural risks and statistics development.