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WSP is an international, leading consultant firm for professional services in transport, infrastructure, industrial, environmental and energy projects, with over 30.000 employees and offices in about 40 countries on five continents. WSP is a suitable partner of choice for co-operation in this project because of our extensive experience in stormwater investigations. WSP Sverige has a staff of over 50 persons working with issues related to hydraulic and/or hydraulic modelling. Our knowledge has been demonstrated in numerous stormwater projects conducted in cooperation with municipalities all over Sweden, of which the stormwater project regarding flash flood mapping in a future climate performed for Stockholm municipality is a prime example.

WSP has previously collaborated successfully with SMHI in previous projects and thus a good co-operation and result is anticipated even in this project. Furthermore, WSP has additional expertise available in this field at other offices in Sweden, as well as in our global network of specialists.

Key personnel

Anna Åkesson (female)

Anna Åkesson has a PhD in hydrology from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm and is presently consultant at the storm-and waste water group at WSP Norrköping. Her foremost competence is in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling in rural and urban systems, with experience from river peakflow modelling, stormwater investigations related to sustainable urban developments, as well as general climate adaptation projects.


Sofia Thurin (female)

Sofia Thurin is an engineer at the Bridge & Hydraulic Design department at WSP Stockholm. She has an MSc in Aquatic and Environmental engineering. Her thesis was about hydraulic modeling of a Swedish river using MIKE 11. She has worked since spring 2011. Projects have mainly included construction of hydraulic models (including both river models and models for extreme precipitation events) and calibration against measured data and control. Sofia Thurin is skilled in the use of MIKE 11, MIKE 21, MIKE 3, ArcGIS and CAD 2D.


Gunilla Kaiser (female)

Gunilla Kaiser (PhD in Physical Geography, University of Kiel) has many years of research experience in flood risk assessment including coastal flooding, sea-level rise and river flooding. She has also experience in climate adaptation, disaster risk reduction and the development of long-term adaptation strategies in coastal areas. She has worked in several international projects with the development of flood risk scenarios and maps, risk and vulnerability assessments, the development of GIS and remote sensing-based tools, damage assessment, risk communication as well as risk management and preparedness. All projects have been conducted in close collaboration with responsible authorities and stakeholders in flood prone communities in Europe and Asia. Project results served as a technical basis for the work with the EU Flood Directive or for risk and vulnerability assessments in the municipalities.