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Acciona Corporation has a wide experience in R&D projects at national, European and international (beyond Europe) level. At European level, Acciona plays an active role in the European Construction Technology Platform being part of its Executive Committee, leading the Energy Efficient Buildings PPP (being member of the Partnership Board with the EC) and it is a member of reFINE (initiative on infrastructures) and ECTP’s Advisory Group on SMEs. It is also a member of ENCORD (European Network of construction companies for Research and Development), FIEC (European Construction Industry Federation), and it is a founding member of Building Smart Spanish Chapter (BSSC) and others ETPs construction / materials related. At international level, Acciona has recently joined to the Executive Committee of the “Caring for Climate” platform of the UN Global Compact initiative for participants seeking to demonstrate leadership on the issue of climate change.

INGENIERIA ESPECIALIZADA OBRA CIVIL E INDUSTRIAL S.A (ACCIONA-I) has more than 50 years of leadership in the civil, industrial and environmental engineering sectors as well as in various architecture fields. Nowadays is a 100% subsidiary company of ACCIONA Construction, ACCIONA-I has its own multidisciplinary staff of more than 250 highly qualified professionals working with state-of-the-art technological and computing resources in order to handle any civil or industrial infrastructure, architecture or urban development project, always with an emphasis on environmental issues and energy efficiency. Moreover, ACCIONA-I is fully committed and believes in a culture of creativity and innovation, which is part of ACCIONA’s DNA. At ACCIONA-I, we are working on three strategic research lines: Smart cities, climate change and energy efficiency.

Therefore, ACCIONA-I is always looking for and trying to incorporate innovative solutions to continue growing, improving and developing its business and CLARITY offers an outstanding opportunity to continue aligning its business strategy in such direction.

Within ACCIONA Infrastructure Division, Acciona “Mantenimiento de Infraestructuras” specializes in providing integral maintenance services for road, water and environmental infrastructures. It is a leader for infrastructure maintenance and conservation solutions, improving and protecting the environment for the benefit of those that use or are affected by these infrastructures. This specialist business unit is also capable of offering the best solutions for special structures in the most complex projects, covering every area of civil engineering and building construction, thanks to its proven commitment to innovation, its extensive experience and a great team of professionals.

Key personnel

Ms. Ana Larrucea, graduated as Civil Engineer with more than 13 years of experience in the Transportation Infrastructures sector. She has been mainly dedicated to the field of roads and highways engineering, which has led her to carry out and supervise a large number of projects. During her professional life she has been involved in a large number of important roads projects, further to technical assistance to public administrations or to private clients infrastructure projects. She has worked on roads design at almost all design stages, from their appraisal and feasibility study to their basic and/or detailed design and construction implementation. During these years she has acquired strong leading skills, not only in pure design role but also in the field of international projects implementation.

Ms. Belén Ferreira, is MSc. Civil Engineer specialized in hydraulics by the Polytechnic University of Madrid (2015). In 2014, she worked in a Geotechnical company in France responsible of geotechnical studies development and foundation characterization of small buildings and infrastructures. During 2015, she attempts courses on International Project Management, and Applied hydrogeology. Since 2016, she works at the Consultancy services department at ACCIONA Ingeniería in charge of project management and tender preparation of consultancy projects related to different sectors. She has also participated in several projects, highlighting the analysis of the public lighting infrastructure on roads in order to improve its energy efficiency in Belgium.

Mr. Jose Jaime Cubillo, holds a degree in Physics by the University Autónoma of Madrid (Spain). Since 2011, he is the head of Advanced Materials Group in ACCIONA R&D technological Centre. Since 2010, nominee as member of the Trustees Board of IMDEA Nanoscience research institute in Madrid. He is an expert in concrete technology and durability of civil infrastructure. Invited as a speaker in more than 6 international workshops during the last 3 years dealing with advanced materials for civil infrastructure. He has successful experience in coordinating national and European research projects. He has several publications and holds 2 patents on advanced materials for construction.