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Smart Cities Consulting GmbH is a privately held SME based in Vienna, Austria.

We believe that every city and community has to develop their individual strategy of "being smart" and to develop measures for it. Valuable insight and inspiration will be provided by projects conducted by other communities with comparable preconditions acting as "role models" or "best practice" for specific fields of action. We strive to connect communities and their numerous stakeholders and stimulate cooperation. (Especially for small communities with limited resources and knowledge base cooperation is a "means of choice" for achieving results that can be future proof.) An essential ingredient for "smart communities" is local economy and value creation. We want to help to establish and support local business und innovation hubs and interconnect them as well on international level.

SCC is dedicated to cooperation itself and organized as a network of autonomous small corporates and individuals (experts in their respective lines of work). The advantage is to be able to offer skilled forces for a variety of tasks and provide partners with business services as well as dissemination and public communication.

Key personnel

Andrea Geyer-Scholz (female)

Andrea Geyer-Scholz is a seasoned business administrator and economist (graduated from Vienna University of Economics and Business) with long lasting experience in the ICT sector as key account manager. Entrepreneur for 20 years providing business and innovation services including project development and business angel activities. Core team member of "Digital City Vienna" initiative initiated by ICT enterprises and supported by the municipality which aims to support Vienna´s smart city strategy (as ICT is an enabling technology for it in many aspects) and to develop and strengthen the ICT habitat Vienna as a European hot spot for enterprises, professionals, start-ups, investors and encourage careers and foster the industrial location.


Sandra Stromberger (female)

Sandra Stromberger is a digital strategies expert (graduated from Freie Universität Berlin) and highly experienced in all aspects of online platforms and -affiliation plus movies. She developed digital concepts (mainly focussing on business development) for several enterprises. As a project on own behalf she founded and pursues the initiative "Industry meets Makers" in Austria targeting to connect established industries with the emerging "makers" scene and start-ups ( Sandra is core team member of "Digital City Vienna" initiative as well.


Delia Modest (female) and Michel Mehle (male)

Delia Modest and Michel Mehle co-developed and now write (non-exclusive) for the webzine. They represent the online editors team: young journalists with background in print and TV strongly dedicated to online media formats and prone to explore and experiment with (cross-media) possibilities to provide content that is not common knowledge understandable and with journalistic quality. They will be the backbone of the CLARITY media content team and also deal with other media professionals concerning third media coverage.