This document is deliverable D1.2 “Database of Initial CLARITY CSIS User Stories and Test Cases” of the CLARITY project (H2020, Contract number 730355). It presents a consolidated and detailed list of the User Stories and their related Test Cases based on the input received from the four Demonstration Cases and were preliminary presented in deliverable D1.1 “Initial workshops and the CLARITY development environment”.
CLARITY User Stories, representing the key project requirements are categorized into “generic” ones and the User Stories that are specific to four Demonstration Cases, showcasing the CLARITY climate services in different climatic, regional, infrastructure and hazard contexts in Italy, Sweden, Austria and Spain, focusing on the planning and implementation of urban infrastructure development as well as transport infrastructure projects.
CLARITY Test Cases, on the other hand, are the counterpart to the User Stories. They specify an “offer” for resolving the User Stories and link the requirements with the data, models and software that is produced or used in the project.
Both, CLARITY User Stories and Test Cases contained in this deliverable are intended to provide reference scenarios and requirements that support the implementation of the CLARITY Climate Service Information System (CSIS) and the validation activities.
In line with the agile CLARITY co-creation process, the User Stories and the Test Cases are considered “living documents” and maintained on the CLARITY catalogue platform ( This document merely presents the status of the work in February 2018. While the User Stories can be considered rather mature and unlikely to significantly change in the future, the Test Cases are actively developed and will be enriched with mock-ups and improved based on feedback of the potential CSIS users and stakeholders.

WP1. Co-Creation
Database of initial CLARITY CSIS user stories and test cases