This deliverable is intended to give a complete outline of the activities to be carried out in WP2 “Demonstration& Validation”to ensure a successful implementation of CLARITY Demonstration Cases (DCs). WP2 “Demonstration & Validation” deliverables, as output of a joint effort from CLARITY scientific, technical and end-user partners, are drafted with the aim of reducing the technical and scientific complexity of the information enclosed. In this sense, they constitute a first reference guide also for further applications of CLARITY CSIS on other DCs. Main objectives of WP2 – Demonstration & Validation – include:

  • Develop a harmonised methodology for data collection across the different DCs linking end-user’s requirements from WP1 “CO-Creation” with modelling and software needs in WP3 “Science Support” and WP4 “Technology Support”
  • Monitor the implementation of CLARITY DCs
  • Deliver input data to CLARITY models (WP3 “Science Support”) and tools (WP4 “Technology Support”) for each DC
  • Collect climate and adaptation scenarios and tailor them to the specific needs of the DCs
  • Validate the tools implemented in WP4 “Technology Support”
  • Demonstrate the fulfilment of requirements and the application potential of the tools, providing feedback to WP1 “CO-Creation”and WP4 “Technology Support”
WP2. Demonstration & Validation
Demonstration and validation methodology