This report is the first deliverable of WP4 “Technology Support” of the CLARITY project, funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 Programme under Grant Agreement number 730355. WP4 intends to provide the technological backbone of the CLARITY Climate Service Information System (CSIS) by tailoring the technological background foreseen in the CLARITY work package descriptions to project needs. For this, WP4 will integrate and adapt all required and existing (background) tools and services that are necessary for realisation of the CLARITY reference scenarios (Demonstration Cases) and implementation of the EU-GL into the CLARITY Climate Services.

The aim of this deliverable is to provide an initial plan for the WP4 work per task, taking into account the input from D1.1 “Initial Workshops and the CLARITY Development Environment”:

  • T4.2 "Catalogue of elements at risk and adaptation options" provides a catalogue that will serve as repository of element at risk types and adaptation options and a dedicated Catalogue of Data Sources and Simulation Models that makes climate-related information accessible and discoverable.
  • T4.3 "Scenario Management" will offer the Scenario Management tool which supports and enforces first and foremost the standardised workflows of the EU-GL for each of the distinct planning steps, a Data Dashboard that provides an overview of all the different datasets that are used, produced, ordered, collected, requested, exchanged etc. by an end user and a Data Package Export and Import Tool for exporting any data that is directly available in the CSIS.
  • T4.4 "Scenario Transferability" provides a Map Component for clear and easy visualization of different maps and layers as well as the Scenario Transferability Component that offers general matchmaking functionality by means of graphical user interfaces (e.g. map visualisations) for side-by-side comparison of alternate (adaptation) scenarios.
  • T4.5 Scenario Analysis, Decision Support and Report Generation provides software that will support the analysis and comparison of scenario candidates (options) regarding performance indicators that can be defined by the end user.

Detailed information for each of the WP4 tasks is provided as a separate section in this document. Annex 1 also provides an overview of the tools that are inherited from previous projects and explains the initial plan for using and/or extending these inputs in CLARITY.

WP4. Technology Support
Technology support plan