This report is the second deliverable of WP4 “Technology Support” of the CLARITY project, funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 Programme under Grant Agreement number 730355. WP4 intends to provide the technological backbone of the CLARITY Climate Service Information System (CSIS) by tailoring the technological background foreseen in the CLARITY work package descriptions to project needs. For this, WP4 will integrate and adapt all required and existing (background) tools and services that are necessary for realisation of the CLARITY reference scenarios (Demonstration Cases) and implementation of the EU-GL into the CLARITY Climate Services.

The main aim of this deliverable is to describe the CSIS Architecture in such a concise and simple manner so that its goals and major concepts can be understood by all stakeholders (including the end users) involved in the co-creation process. It does this by communicating the most significant design decisions that shape CSIS and equips the agile development teams with "just enough" conceptual and technical knowledge to successfully implement the presented Conceptual Innovation Design.

Unlike as initially foreseen in the DoA, the CSIS Architecture follows an agile and emergent approach that aims to quickly respond to unavoidable changes imposed by the agile co-creation approach of WP1 "Co-Creation". Moreover, technology moves fast and many of the software components and technologies mentioned in the DoA are outdated or do not suit the emergent use cases and requirements introduced during the first year of the project. The impact to project plans with respect to tasks, deliverables, resources requested etc., however, are minimal and do not collide with general project objectives.

WP4. Technology Support
CLARITY CSIS architecture