This report is the first deliverable of Task 5.1 “Exploitation Requirements” of the CLARITY project, funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 Programme under Grant Agreement number 730355. Task 5.1 intends to make sure that the project partners can recognize realistic exploitation and innovation aspects during the co-design and implementation of CLARITY Climate Service right from the start of the project, when no detailed and focused market study and business model are available yet.

The work foreseen in this task is performed in two stages. The first stage concentrates on the technical perspective and the impact of potential Exploitation Requirements identified on basis of a general and broad assessment of Climate Service market conditions, needs and gaps. Thereby, especially the early results of the EU-MACS (Project ID: 730500. Funded under: H2020-EU.3.5.1.), reported in EU-MACS deliverables D1.1 “Review and Analysis of CS Market Condition”, D1.2 “Existing Resourcing and Quality Assurance of Current Climate Services” and D1.3 “Analysis of existing Data Infrastructures for Climate Services” are taken into account. In a second stage, the results of CLARITY’s market analysis and business model (D5.3 “Exploitation and business plan v1”) are used to re-evaluate and/or validate the findings of the initial Exploitation Requirements assessment and to concretize innovative aspects of CLARITY products and service.

This document defines CLARITY’s general approach towards Exploitation Requirements and Innovation Design and presents the results of the first stage of Task 5.1, that is, Exploitation Requirements elicitation and assessment. It describes the consolidated Exploitation Requirements, discusses the potential impact and implications of Exploitation Requirements on the Climate Services co-design process, product and service implementation and the CSIS architecture and formulates concrete technical recommendations for WP1 “Co-Creation” and WP4 “Technology Support”.

WP5. Exploitation and Business
Exploitation Requirements and Innovation Design v1