The main goal of the Dissemination and Communication Plan is to raise awareness for the project activities and results in order to make CLARITY a successful project.
The first version of this document (v1) was developed in month six of the project including the dissemination and communication strategy. The content of sections “1 Introduction”, “2 Communication and Dissemination strategy” and “3 Dissemination Management” (developed in v1) remains in this second version (v2) as guidance for the reader. Additional updates were included in these sections.
The communication tools used for disseminate the project have been updated in this deliverable. The second CLARITY web domain was set up in this period ( and the main features are reported in section “4 Communication tools”. The social media section includes also the new YouTube channel and the overall strategy for MyClimateServices.
In order to disseminate project activities, CLARITY was presented in different events during the first year of the project. Scientific publications and detailed information of attended events are reported in section 5. Each of these events is reported in this document including the relevance for CLARITY. The End-users workshops carried out in year 1 have also been reported in section 6 as a dissemination activity.
The conclusion section closes the document summarizing main activities carried out during the first year of the project to disseminate CLARITY. Next steps and the strategy are also included in the conclusions section. Finally, CLARITY project material (postcards, brochures and posters) produced during the first year of the project has been added as annex at the end of the deliverable.
During the lifetime of CLARITY (the project is planned for 36 months) four version of the Dissemination and Communication plan are planned. As was mentioned before, the v1 was released in month 6 and this document (v2) includes the update content for the first year of the project (until month 12). The Dissemination and Communication deliverable will be updated at the end of the second and third year of the project.

WP6. Dissemination and Community Building
Communication and dissemination plan and report v2