The first CLARITY Newsletter has just been published. In this issue is included a short presentation of which was launched recently. The newsletter also includes relevant information of events where CLARITY has been promoted. Find below a short summary of the content of this first issue:

  • CLARITY launched ! Stay connected with the latest climate services
  • Presenting the CLARITY methodology for IPCC's "Cities and Climate Change Science Conference” 5-7th March 2018, Edmonton, Canada!
  • Presenting the CLARITY demonstration case of Linz, Austria! 8-13th April 2018, EGU, Vienna, Austria!
  • “Sustainability in real estate is no longer an option, it is the norm”! 13-16th March 2018, MIPIM, Cannes, France!
  • “Project managers need to understand making! investments resilient to climate change”! 10-12th April 2018, Norrköping, Sweden!
  • Infrastructure suffers from climate change – rescuing the Spanish transportation network!
  • Integrating Climate Change in Urban Planning in Naples ! The CLARITY methodology!
  • Clarity’s reporters do not only report on European cities – they bring stories from all over the world ! ! Brazil, February 2018!