This report is the first deliverable of Task 5.1 “Exploitation Requirements” of the CLARITY project, funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 Programme under Grant Agreement number 730355. Task 5.1 intends to make sure that the project partners can recognize realistic exploitation and innovation aspects during the co-design and implementation of CLARITY Climate Service right from the start of the project, when no detailed and focused market study and business model are available yet.

The main goal of the Dissemination and Communication Plan is to raise awareness for the project activities and results in order to make CLARITY a successful project.
The first version of this document (v1) was developed in month six of the project including the dissemination and communication strategy. The content of sections “1 Introduction”, “2 Communication and Dissemination strategy” and “3 Dissemination Management” (developed in v1) remains in this second version (v2) as guidance for the reader. Additional updates were included in these sections.