SMHI is a government agency under the Swedish Ministry of Environment offering products to support decision-making in the environmental sector. SMHI is responsible for national meteorological, hydrological and oceanographic forecasting and the production of climate change projections. The main fields of research include weather and climate modelling, data assimilation, hydrology, oceanography and air quality.

MeteoGRID (commercial name of FARISA ASESORES Y CONSULTORES S.L.) is a Spanish private company, providing high quality services and products in the fields of applied meteorology, weather forecasting Early Warning Systems (EWS) and risk management since 2004.

WSP is an international, leading consultant firm for professional services in transport, infrastructure, industrial, environmental and energy projects, with over 30.000 employees and offices in about 40 countries on five continents. WSP is a suitable partner of choice for co-operation in this project because of our extensive experience in stormwater investigations. WSP Sverige has a staff of over 50 persons working with issues related to hydraulic and/or hydraulic modelling.

Acciona Corporation has a wide experience in R&D projects at national, European and international (beyond Europe) level. At European level, Acciona plays an active role in the European Construction Technology Platform being part of its Executive Committee, leading the Energy Efficient Buildings PPP (being member of the Partnership Board with the EC) and it is a member of reFINE (initiative on infrastructures) and ECTP’s Advisory Group on SMEs.

Smart Cities Consulting GmbH is a privately held SME based in Vienna, Austria.

The County Administrative Board of Jönköping (CABJON) is a Governmental Agency that link People and Communities with the Government, Parliament and Central Government. The main responsibility is to coordinate the development of the county in line with goals set in National Politics, including different issues - from rural development to biodiversity. Sweden consists of 21 counties.

Centro de Estudios y Experimentación de Obras Públicas (CEDEX), Centre of Studies and Experimentation in Public Works in English, was created in 1957 as an autonomous organisation that at present reports to the Ministry of Public Works and functionally to the Ministries of Public Works, and Agriculture and Environment of Spain, in the sphere of their respective competences.