Below, you can find a couple of videos which pretend to summarize the main target of the project and its website, used such a powerful channel to go to the market.

The European Comission has created this Science Hub to publish every information in regards with research topics.

Brussels (Belgium)

Check all the details that Clarity has to share about this Big event!

Vienna (Austria)

Clarity was presented at EGU with a poster and an oral presentation by ZAMG researcher Claudia Hahn, this talk was focused on new methods of how to help cities adapt to climate change.

Lisbon (Portugal)

The biennial European Climate Change Adaptation conference "ECCA" was convened by EU-funded projects on behalf of the European Commission.

Katowice (Poland)

COP24 is the informal name for the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The COP takes decisions which are necessary to ensure the effective implementation of the provisions of the Convention and regularly reviews the implementation of these provisions. Poland was selected to host this event within the framework of the Eastern European Group (EEG).

Madrid, Spain

From 26th to 29th of November will take place the 14th edition of CONAMA (National Congress of Environment in Spain), the event will take place in Madrid Municipal Conference Center

More information of the event is available here:

Córdoba (Spain)

CLARA (Climate forecast enabled knowledge services) is a Horizon 2020 funded innovation action set to develop a number of advanced climate services building upon the newly developed Copernicus Climate Change Services – seasonal forecasts and sectoral information systems. A portfolio of user co-designed and co-developed climate services will help to improve policy and decision makings in five priority sectors: disaster risk reduction, water resource management, agriculture and food (security), renewable energy sources, and public health.

Norrköping (Sweden)

The conference was a meeting place for more than 400 participants working on climate change adaptation, within the fields of science, in local communities, governments and municipal administration, in ministries and national authorities, politics, businesses, industry and NGOs. The aim of the conference was to: exchange ideas of adaptation methods and opportunities across many sectors; increase our knowledge of the latest climate science; and discuss how to integrate solutions for adaptation and mitigation.